Solnhofen Limestone

Solnhofen limestone is the name of a german natural stone, which is mined in the area of the small city Solnhofen, which is based between the german cities munich and Nuremberg in the south of Germany. In the vicinity of Solnhofen also the most known german marble Jura and Dietfurter limestone is mined. The german name for Solnhofen limestone is Solnhofener Plattenkalk. Traders and tillers call the german natural stone, simply Solnhofen. The history of the Solnhofen natural stone began about 150 million years ago. In a subtropical sea layered sediments were formed, which have solidified over the last millions years and now mined as Solnhofen limestone. The degradation of the Solnhofen natural stone requires great skills as it only can be done manually like one hundred years ago.

Solnhofen limestone

Solnhofener  limestone is available in different tile sizes and surfaces. One of the most known and a cheap tile format for Solnhofen are polygonal plates with the surface naturally split. But also over 24 more tile formats and 5 surfaces are available for one of the most popular natural stone in Germany and even Europe.

Solnhofen stone is also available in different webs with a width of 15,20,25cm, and in different tiles formats like 15*15, 20*20, 25*25,30*30,35*35, 15*30, 20*30, 40*20.  Also Roman patterns are avarailable, where various tiles sizes are used together in a common combination creating a great and very exclusive floor. Solnhofen Limestone is not frostproof and therefore only limited useable for terraces and outdoor

Solnhofen Limestone formats and surfaces

The  ecological natural stone can be produced with different surfaces like naturally split, honed and polished. The limestone can be used in combination with underfloor heating systems and is non-slip and therefore useable also in bathrooms.  The prices for Solnhofen limestone start at 10 Euro per square meter and end at 90 Euro per square meter depending on tile size and surface.

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